We’re happy you made the decision to become a part of our membership established solely to assist first responders with challenges inherit in our chosen professions.

Code 4 Alpha means
“All is under control, but keep backup coming.”

Our Mission

Outreach to professional first responders, retired, former, active with PTSD or other challenges incurred in the performance of their duties. To facilitate peer discussions respecting the dignity of all persons, supporting those who demonstrate the courage to come forward in meetings with other first responders facing similar difficulties. No one is alone and all are dedicated to supporting each other. We encourage all to seek professional counseling services beyond the services of Code 4 ALPHA.

Our Motto

“Together Then – Together Now”
We pulled together in the past from our respective disciplines; with grit and fierce determination, to run without hesitation in the direction others flee; in order to save lives and bring order to situations of danger and conflict. Now, we are together again. This time we bring that same determination to assist each other with the challenges we confront, incurred in the line of duty. We are a unique band of brothers and sisters, firmly committed to each other’s well being.

Our History

A few of us noticed what appeared to be challenges among each other. Having shared similar incidents we wondered if these might have contributed to the horrible pain and conflict we now experience. One conversation with one another, led to a third, fourth, fifth and sixth person. We realized we had much in common with each, most of which are connected to past calls for service from those we served. We realized the comfort in sharing our most personal stories between peers, knowing “it wasn’t just us” and that “we’re not nuts!” We began to explore these conversations more deeply; looking for causal factors, what seemed to get us through the day, what worked and what did not. This became a comfortable environment to discuss the most personal issues with a body of people not judgmental, and committed to the concept of “what we say here stays here.” Furthermore, we embraced the value of professional counseling. Sadly, those forming our current organization were surprised at the closed-door reception we received from our former agency of which we gave so much of ourselves, when inquiring about professional assistance. Accordingly, we did what we always did; we worked together in developing this organization to better enhance our goal of leaving no first responder behind. More remains to be done and recognizing “analysis paralysis” we are moving ahead, committed to operating in a mode of continual analysis and improvement.

Our Structure – What We do

  • We meet every two weeks on Wednesday mornings from 0900-1100 at St. Anne Parish, 1600 Mt. Hope Avenue. This location has convenient parking and is located very close to main arterials for those coming long distances. Please know (in our commitment of operating in a mode of continual assessment and improvement) we intend to look at technology that may assist use in reaching those who might not be able to participate (and not leaving them behind is a critical value of our organization). Further, some of our members leave for warmer climes during winter and may desire to remain in touch with our scheduled meetings.
  • You will receive a copy of our Member Rules intended as a gentle reminder of our need to be respectful of differing opinions in order work in harmony with each other as we move forward to accomplish member and organizational goals.
  • Your participation in these meetings, and what information you chose to share is totally up to you. Our peer discussion facilitators may need to remind our group “that’s too much information” or we need to respect, as well-intended we may be “that’s too personal.” It is important you feel comfortable in advising anyone you are “not comfortable” at this time in sharing or discussing that topic (if facilitators miss it).
  • If we do not hear from you after missing two consecutive meetings (one month) one of us will call to simply check if things are well with you and that we are thinking about you.
  • We do ask if you know in advance you will not be attending a future meeting you let us know.
  • We will ask for contact information to assists us contacting you. This could be for several reasons, scheduling changes, meeting cancellations due to weather, etc.
    • We will appreciate being able to leave a message in your preferred contact information identifying us as “C4W” (Code 4 Alpha abbreviated). If this is not agreeable at anytime please let us know.
  • We are developing a list of professional counselors recommend to us by some assisting in our development. You should feel free to add additional professionals you feel comfortable in recommending. We are in the process of constructing a website with this information under a “Resources” tab. In the interim simply ask a member of the development team (or whatever we call ourselves).
    • Naturally, we do recommend members leverage professional counselors and whom you choose is your business.
  • Any member of the Development Team is available to you at any hour of any day. If you cannot contact one, try another. Please remember we are not a substitute for professional counselors.
  • We are not

  • We are not professional counselors, nor do we pretend to be. We are peer discussion facilitators. As Code 4 Alpha grows will we need additional facilitators. There are organizations like NAMI Rochester, et al where we can assist you in this endeavor. At the conclusion of any peer discussion facilitator training you will need to meet with Artie Muscolino or other Facilitator(s) for his clearance and assignment to a team.
  • We do not require you to provide contact information. Should members not find your information each will assume you desire this be protected.
  • We are not a substitute for professional counselors. As such, at present we cannot guarantee confidentiality. However, we will not divulge information without a fight and see potential opportunities that someday may afford us that opportunity.
  • We are not going to be part of any personal, domestic challenges. We will not respond to those, or related environments.
  • We are not going to get in the middle of any agency determined to get you to a professional, to include mental hygiene arrest.
  • We are not, nor we pretend to be attorneys.
  • We do not make decisions for you. You may/may not find discussions in meetings to be helpful